Have you suffered trauma and wonder if it’s possible to heal? Are you anxious and worried about your job, your family, your relationship, your life? Do you push people away before they hurt you? Or chase after someone, terrified to lose them? Do you find yourself questioning your worth, sure that you will never be enough? Have you ever wondered…

Is there hope for me?

Let me answer that with a resounding YES! Yes, there is hope! It is possible to heal from trauma, to learn how to have healthier relationships with friends and loved ones, to feel good about yourself instead of feeling bad. You can learn how to manage fear and worry so that anxiety doesn’t keep you up at night or stop you from doing things you need or want to do. You can gain more control of your life, of your emotions, and feel more confident in yourself and your abilities.


“Maybe others can, but not me.”


If that’s you, consider that maybe, just maybe, it’s your time to rediscover hope and find peace. Maybe it’s worth taking a small step to connect with me and explore your options. Therapy can feel scary to start – I get it! And maybe it is just the thing for you to get closer to becoming who you want to be, having the life you want to have.


Interested? Check out the “About” page for more information about me and my practice. Then, connect with me to schedule a brief chat to check out your options, and get your questions answered. Or jump straight to booking your first session. I look forward to hearing from you!

   - Anna